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So we all stayed up late and watch the Emmy’s tonight. It was fun because Sarah was really into it. It’s the first time she has seen some of the shows and was rooting for people. Plus we just came back from our trip to California having toured both Universal and Warner Bros studios where a lot of the shows are filmed. It was fun. A new family tradition?

Well, it looks like we are back to normal after our big trip. Sarah is enjoying one of her last weeks of summer. Tomorrow is actually Tracy’s last day of summer. She has to go in on Friday to welcome the new 6th graders to orientation day and next week is the week the teachers get their classes ready for the new year. Sarah has been hanging out with her new friend across the street which is fun. The dog is back to normal. She peed on the carpet last night and tonight, in her cage this morning and pooped on the floor this afternoon. And, of course, after spending a bunch of money on our vacation, we come home to a leaking toilet in our bathroom - possibly mold under the floor - and a new home improvement project. It looks like I’m going to try to pull up the floor, replace it with tile and put in a new toilet. Thank goodness for you tube. Yep - everything is back to normal…